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Additional Reading & Information

Dr. Thomas Hale, an American surgeon worked at a small hospital in rural Nepal (is some ways very similar to Scheer Memorial Hospital) and wrote an entertaining and informative book about his experience called, "Don't Let the Goats eat the Loquat Trees." He also wrote two other books about his Nepal experiences, "On the Far Side of Liglig Mountain" and "Living Stones of the Himalayas."

Lonely Planet has published some good books about Nepal. The country guide is a good general travel guide for the country. The second, "Nepal: Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan, Annapurna, Mustang, Everest,"is an amazing collection of photos from the main tourist areas.

The BBC and Michael Palin pair-up to provide a good introduction to the entire Himalayan area in this travelogue which is also available on DVD.

Here are a few websites with some good general information about Nepal:

The government tourist office

Lonely Planet

State Department's Information Sheet 

For stories about individuals who have made an impact in the world, the following books are also good reads: Mountains Beyond Mountains, the story of Dr. Paul Farmer's work in Haiti, Peru, Russia, and the WHO; Three Cups of Tea, the story of Greg Mortenson and his work to establish schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan; and Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, the story of John Wood, founder of "Room to Read."


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