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  • Removing barriers to health care in the Peruvian Amazon.

    In Peru’s most isolated region, the Amazon, people face unique health care challenges. Widespread poverty; the regions remoteness; high cost and long distance of travel; and a shortage of medical workers and supplies lead to a situation where many people’s basic health care needs are unmet. The health care system that is available is very limited and expensive for the local population; most residents cannot afford to see a doctor or utilize the few clinical services that are available.

    These barriers to health care mean that many people suffer from preventable and treatable health conditions; common ailments, such as a respiratory infection or diarrhea, can develop into a life threatening illness.

    GHI Peru projects take place in and around Iquitos, a beyond-roads jungle capital. Here, GHI works with a local partner, Clinica Ana Stahl, to address the unique health care challenges found in the Amazon and to provide medical care to those who would otherwise go untreated.

  • You are helping to improve lives.

    In April 2015, GHI assisted in delivering seven water systems to the community of Llachapa. The other eleven water systems are going to various high schools for use in educator dormitories.

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    Provide medical care for someone who would otherwise go untreated. Bring health care services to the people in Peru's Amazon.

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